Intelligent protection for intellectual property


About NetResult

Our company

Formed in 2000, NetResult, a privately owned company, has grown rapidly to become one of the leading players in the online monitoring and enforcement sector for intellectual property rights. Headquartered in London, the company also has operations in the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our vision

NetResult aims to provide cutting-edge, reliable, prompt and cost-effective services to rights-owners who need to protect their assets from digital piracy.

Our team

NetResult employs a talented research team with vast experience of intellectual property rights protection across numerous world markets.

The NetResult team can provide services in all major European languages, as well as Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai.

Our results

Since its foundation, NetResult has protected the intellectual property of some of the world's largest rights-owners, with a high success rate. This can be illustrated by a combination of results: the removal of illegal content from sites, the execution of license arrangements between the sites and the rights holders or the closing down of the sites. NetResult is at the heart of this process and has itself closed down many thousands of illegal sites.

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